Account Opening & Settlement

Account Opening

To open a stock trading account, please bring the following documents to our office:

(1)Individual/Joint Account/ Sole Proprietor/Partnership Account:

a) Copy of HK ID card /Passport and certified Business
     Registration Certificate (for Sole Proprietor and
     Partnership only)
b) Proof of address (any bank statement or utility bills, issued not more than 3 months before account opening date)

(2) Corporate Account:

a) Business Registration Certificate
b) Articles of Association
c) Annual Return
d) Certificate of Incorporation
e) ID of Directors
f) ID of Authorized Persons
g) Address of Company
h) Address of Directors
i) Address of authorized persons

* Remark: A copy proof of address issued within 3 months (e.g. utility bills, bank statements)(P.O. Box is not accepted)

Order Placing

Trade orders can be placed in person or over the phone through our dealers’ representative.

Phone orders will be recorded as required by Securities and Futures Commission.

A filled and signed trade instruction form is required for orders placed in person.

Sufficient funds or stocks in the clients’ account are required for orders placed through internet trading.


For payer verification, clients are requested to upload a photo of the payment cheque to our company and deposit it into our company’s bank account before 4:00 pm on T+2.

Heng Sang Bank
HKD Bank A/C 267-043123-001
CNY Bank A/C 267-043123-239

Name of the registered holder on physical scrips has to match that of the account holder. Deposited shares can be sold after they have been registered under HKSCC (around 10-14 days)